Severe Acute Respiratory Infections Treatment Centre

A collaboration with the World Health Organization

The project is based on the collaboration between the Future Urban Legacy Lab and World Health Organization (WHO) with the aim of supporting Helpdesk COVID-19 Severe Acute Respiratory Infection(SARI) Health facilities design Support Network. Specifically, the work concentrates on:

(a) Technical project design for SARI health facilities according to information provided;

(b) Specific technical support upon request on existing  problematic architectural aspects, advise on possible alternative solution;

(c) Support with evidence-based technical guidance tools and development of resource materials related to topics;

(d) Advise on appropriate technology and development & research of new applicable techniques.

The main objective of the project is to showcase the significance of architecture and the built environment in preventing and controlling infectious diseases. The project focuses on the passive design of an infectious diseases treatment center, with an emphasis on natural ventilation. The primary goal is to deliver a demonstration project that highlights the importance of passive design in controlling and preventing infectious diseases.

This work stemmed three more projects in collaboration with WHO.



Scientific coordinator

Project coordinators

Marianna Nigra, Marco Simonetti

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Technè, Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso




Technology transfer