Mobility applications for a Smart City environment





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PhD research


The testing of vehicular communication technologies, the study of urban mobility patterns, the evaluation of new traffic policies cannot dispense from vehicle mobility simulation. As is often the case, the larger the dataset, the better. Indeed, in recent years, many projects in the fields of mobility or vehicular communication have sought new traffic simulators with extended areas of investigation, possibly covering a whole city and its suburbs. In this spirit, we have modeled an urban traffic simulation in a 600-Km 2 area in and around the Municipality of Turin, leveraging the SUMO tool. This project aims at reporting in detail the methodology we followed in the creation of this dataset. Our results demonstrate that a complete modeling of such a wide area is possible at the expense of minor simplifications, reaching a very good level of approximation.


  • Marco Rapelli, Claudio Casetti and Giandomenico Gagliardi, “TuST: from raw data to vehicular traffic simulation in Turin”, 2019, IEEE/ACM DS-RT Conference, Conference best paper award.

  • Marco Rapelli, Claudio Casetti and Giandomenico Gagliardi, “City-wide Vehicular Traffic Simulation from Raw Data”, 2020, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing Journal, under review.