Holistic approach for large PV plant design and operation


September 2020 - February 2022

Scientific director

Work group

Enrico Fabrizio, Nannina Spanò, Roberta Taramino, Tiziana Anna Elisabetta Tosco, Elena Vigliocco, Giulio Zotteri, Mauro Berta, Alessandro Casasso, Luca Davico, Filippo Spertino, Paolo Tamborrini, Stella Belisario, Riccardo Ronzani, Bruno Piga, Pietro Tarozzo, Vittoria Tunno

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Enel Green Power

Project manager


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Research project

The mitigation of the potential impacts of renewable plants on the environment, biodiversity and communities is the key to make renewables sustainable in the long run. In particular, the large land use of utility scale PhotoVoltaic (PV, hereafter) plants could suffer of social acceptance problems and requires to preserve these land by potential biodiversity loss, habitat fragmentation, water stress, etc. This is worsened in all contexts where the marginal or industrial lands are insufficient or not available. The principal goals of the research project are focused on field demonstrations and innovative methodologies aimed at utility-scale PV impact mitigation through a multidisciplinary approach able to take into account (1) multi-purpose land use (crops/flora and vegetation); (2) wildlife habitat and biodiversity preservation and (3) ecosystem services conservation. The approach is based much less on a logic of reaction to criticalities and much more on a proactive approach aimed at identifying opportunities for Creating Value Shared (CSV) between PV private Companies and the territories. These activities are focused on dialogue with stakeholders and socio environmental analyses, in order to identify effective interventions that meet local needs and productive objectives.