International winter school / MIT DUSP – POLITO FULL

Framing the role of manufacturing in city making


Toolbox Coworking, Turin


The factory system has continued to change its spatial, technological and social layout over time. From workshops and domestic production activities, which were an essential part of everyday life in modern cities, there has been a shift towards production systems located in the outskirts, detached from the dense fabric of the city and connected to global logistics chains. Today IoT technology, emerging production processes and a new attitude of “learning by doing” are bringing out again the potential of manufacturing as an essential part of cities economy and life.

The winter school will focus on reconsidering the dynamics of city making, with particular attention to the role of manufacturing in urban space. Students from PoliTo and MIT will work on Regio Parco district (Turin) with the aim of exploring different startegies and approaches to disclose the potential of industry in the redevelopment process of the neighbourhood.

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Urban Land Institute Workshop