Noi e la cultura: come pesci nell’acqua | Francesco Remotti

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Urban legacies between heritage, rights and innovation

Curated by Prof. Carlo Olmo

Urban Legacies is a cycle of seminars in two parts that explores the meaning and consequences of FULL keywords.

The debate aims to produce a theoretical basis that reshapes the concept of Urban Legacy to produce a theory that will underlies FULL researches. It is necessary to create a common lexicon that supports the concept of Legacy and identifies some relevant research fields.

The common places of the twentieth century no longer exist, and the narratives linked to these places are no longer sufficient to describe what remains of them. At the end of the last century we went from keywords based on the history of industry to keywords of urban nature founded on ‘absence’. Emptiness becomes heritage, and buildings or fragments of buildings come fully into the process of becoming legacy, highlighting the problem of the continuous reconstruction of a repressed memory. The challenge is to reconstruct a common-basis vocabulary with the necessary historical depth to redefine the legacy of industrial city. Today, this city needs the foundations of its own legitimacy, its own borders, and its actors and narratives.

Salone d’Onore – Castello del Valentino – Turin


A cycle of 10 seminars:
June – July 2018
September – December 2018


June –  July 2018

Francesco Remotti
Title: Noi e la cultura: come pesci nell’acqua
Date: 6th July
Discussant: Francesca Governa


September – December 2018

Nathalie Heinich
Title: L’extension du domaine du patrimoine
Date: 14th september
Discussant: Edoardo Piccoli

François Jullien
Date: 28th September

Vladimiro Zagrebelsky
Title: Architettura e Ingegneria in riferimento ai diritti e alle libertà fondamentali
Date: 12th October
Discussant: Juan Carlos De Martin


Stefano Musso
Date:  9th November
Discussant: Sussana Caccia

Lorenzo Bellicini
Date: 30th November
Discussant: Isabella Lami

Arnaud Esquerre  
Date: 15th December
Discussant: Luigi Buzzacchi[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]