“Hybrid Factory/Hybrid City. Economic and spatial integration of industry in the city” | Nina Rappaport

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The Future Urban Legacy Lab is pleased to invite you to attend the introductory lecture of the course Hybrid Factory/Hybrid City. Economic and spatial integration of industry in the city, held by Nina Rappaport.
The lecture will be held on the 13th march at 17.30 in Sala della Caccia, Castello del Valentino.
The opening lecture will be public and open to the entire Politecnico community.
For all the interested PhD students the lecture will be the first lesson of the Hybrid Factory excellence course. Students with different backgrounds (architecture, urbanism, planning, economics, engineering, sustainability) are warmly welcomed to participate in order to trigger a multi-disciplinary discussion.
The course is part of the ongoing international project “Vertical Urban Factory”:
With Vertical Urban Factory, a project by Nina Rappaport that includes a book, exhibition, films, and consulting to encourage the return of manufacturing to cities, the recognition of a new form has made policy makers, manufacturers, and designers aware of the importance of maintaining space for making things. With the continuous need for blue collar low skilled jobs and the change in manufacturing from large to small, polluting to clean, and clustered to dispersed there is a potential to encourage mixed-use spaces at the scale of the district to that of the building and thus make things everywhere.