After The Storm | Interdisciplinary Master Thesis Lab

The Future Urban Legacy Lab is pleased to invite you at the presentation of the Interdisciplinary Master Thesis Lab “After the storm. Designing post-cyclone strategies for the city of Beira – Mozambique”, a  joint project of PoliTo and Comunità di Sant’Egidio.

Tuesday 21 January, 2pm
Sala Agorà – Incubatore I3P
Corso Castelfidardo 30/a


On 14 March 2019, the city of Beira was hit twice by Cyclone Idai causing large-scale destruction – 90% of the physical urban asset was damaged – and going down in history as the first case of a city completely devastated by the effects of climate change. 
In the following days, entire areas were submerged underwater as floodwaters rose. Families were separated as they fled the rising waters, while others were trapped, unable to access basic services. Estimations tell that 1.85 millions of people were affected by the hazard and more than 58.600 buildings have been damaged, including 36.750 totally destroyed.
The Mozambican government, in collaboration with other international agencies and NGOs, started to provide support and rushed a resettlement process towards safer sites located in remote rural areas. This has meant for many residents to move away from their neighbourhood, and start a new life from scratch, where, still today, they rely exclusively on humanitarian aid for their survival. Other NGOs have instead opted for a different strategy focusing on the reconstruction of some neighbourhood of Beira, by adopting a resilience-oriented approach.

The objective of this interdisciplinary Master Thesis Lab is to support Comunità di Sant’Egidio in developing a vision for the future of the city. Students will work on cross-cutting disciplinary issues such as climate change, hydro-geological risk, energy, resilience, sustainability, heritage, resettlement and reconstruction.

The call is open to students enrolled in the Master’s Degree in:

• Architecture Construction and City
• Architecture for Sustainable Design
• Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning
• Civil Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Energy and Nuclear Engineering
• Environmental and Land Engineering

If you are interested in applying to join the team, please send us your CV (and portfolio, if available) and a motivation letter at by 27 January.