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Deep learning for architecture

Author: Valerio Palma, PhD candidate in Architectural, History and Design, Politecnico di Torino. Project: ARETHA Research Team: Matteo Robiglio, Claudio Casetti, Francesca Frassoldati, Valerio Palma   In recent years, the diffusion of large image datasets and an unprecedented computational power have boosted the…

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RE-USA: 20 American Stories of Adaptive Reuse

Author: Matteo Robiglio
Preface excerpt from the book RE-USA: 20 American Stories of Adaptive Reuse

Several tracks brought me to write this book.

The first one is biographical. A regular, well-educated student, fascinated by the irregular creativity of squatted places and the beauty of industrial icons, I grew up as an architect in during a time when my city – Torino, the powerhouse of Italian manufacturing – saw 100 million square feet of factories emptied of workers and production within a few years. The instinctive attraction for the opposite became a professional commitment to urban regeneration and architectural reuse projects and, eventually, daily living experience: these lines are written from my desk, in a former coffee factory in the core of industrial Torino, now home to my family.

Lingotto Building, Torino, Italy
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